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  • Why Choose Skydive Vancouver?

    Skydive Vancouver has been operating for over 48 Years. We are locally owned and operated and are only a 45 minute drive East of Vancouver on Highway 1. 

    Our team of instructors are the most experienced in Western Canada, with over 110,000 skydives and 200 years of combined experience. Some of our instructors have competed (and won!) nationally and internationally.

    Skydive Vancouver operates from a privately owned airpark dedicated only to Skydiving. We have our own runway and landing area all within view of friends and family who come and watch.

    Skydive Vancouver is the only Skydive facility in Canada that is home to 3 Turbine aircraft. We have the capacity to put over 35 skydivers at a time in the air.

    Skydive Vancouver is affiliated with the Canadian Association of Professional Skydivers and United States Parachute Association and is licensed by Transport Canada. Our dedication to safety is unequalled.

    Unparalleled facilities, highly experienced staff, and total dedication to safety make us your best choice for a most enjoyable experience.

  • When Can I Jump?

    Today, give us a call and come on out.

  • How do I book and how far in advance should I do book?

    We will always try our best to accommodate the date you wish to jump. However during the summer months, especially weekends it is wise to book a little further in advance to ensure your time and day. You can book the following ways:

  • How far is the Abbotsford drop zone from Vancouver, Bellingham, or Seattle?

    Abbotsford Skydive Centre is the closest skydiving center to Vancouver. Click here for Google directions.

    Traffic dependent it takes:

    • From Vancouver by public transit = 1 hour
    • From Vancouver by car = 45 minutes
    • From Bellingham by car = 35 minutes
    • From Seattle by car = 2 hours
  • What should I wear?

    We supply clean goggles. We do have some that will fit over glasses. Dress comfortably and for the weather, you will be jumping in the clothes you are wearing, so nothing too bulky or flappy. Shorts and T-shirts are fine in summer warm weather but we do not suggest short shorts or tank tops, Make sure you’re wearing tie up shoes. Remember free fall is 200 KPH.

  • Can I use my own camera to take pictures?

    For safety reasons we cannot let you use your own camera/cellphone during your skydive (this includes strapping it to you). Recent incidents have caused USPA to regulate that no one under 200 jumps may use a camera in free fall. On the ground you or anyone watching can take photos. The landing area is fully visible and anyone on the ground can easily take photos of your landing.

    If you wish for pictures or video of your jump we offer additional packages where we use specially designed helmets/cameras to create high res video and photos sent digitally. Our highly skilled cameramen and instructors can capture your experience from the ground to the sky and back again. For more information on these packages, click here.

  • Are there any restrictions to who can jump?

    Those wishing to tandem jump need to weigh over 90lbs and under 220lbs. Anyone under the age of 18 needs written parent’s consent and under the age of 16 they will need a consenting parent present with them at the centre. Please call to discuss AFF course restrictions.

  • What if it is raining?

    It is always a good idea to call ahead to get a weather check prior to leaving your home. We are Open 9:30 a.m. till dark 7 days a week.

  • How do I breathe in freefall?

    It’s easy, just breathe normally through your nose.

  • Can I jump solo without an instructor?

    To jump solo you need to complete tandem Level 3 with us first, then you can sign up to our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course. This in-depth course you will take you through extensive training and by the end you will make four solo jumps.

  • Can my friends come?

    Bring the whole gang. We have 15 place and 10 place turbine aircraft. Even if they are just coming out to watch, we have picnic tables, decks, and lots of room for everyone. Dogs are not permitted. Children must be supervised.

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