Experienced Skydivers Vancouver

Skydive Vancouver welcomes skydivers of all levels and disciplines, our friendly staff and skydiving friends will make you feel at home. With 2 Turbine aircraft, we are active daily up to 12,500′.

Aerial view of skydivers in mid-air

Welcome skydivers!

We offer a variety of facilities and services:

  • Video Services
  • Coaching Services
  • A covered packing area
  • A comfortable clubhouse
  • Helicopter Jumps

We also host 2 main events:

  • Cinco de Mayo Boogie
  • North West Boogie (in August)

Check our calendar and Facebook Page for details on upcoming Events & Boogies.

Aerial view of skydivers in mid-air, descending with parachutes after jumping from plane

Join us around the fire pit for some post skydive activities too! 

We have been operating for over 48 years in the Abbotsford valley and welcome all jumpers.

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A group of people skydiving in the air

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