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Tandem skydiving is the easiest, most enjoyable introduction to the thrill of Free Fall. Get ready for a heart pounding, breath taking, unforgettable adventure.

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If you have crossed skydiving off your bucket list and want more? Start your next adventure as a solo skydiver and feel the intense adrenaline of deploying your own parachute with our extensive AFF Course. Learn to jump Solo by yourself!

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Experienced Skydivers

Skydive Vancouver welcomes experienced jumpers. We host a number of events specifically for licensed of all disciplines and boast the largest fleet of turbine aircraft in Western Canada.

Experienced Skydivers
Aerial view of skydivers in mid-air, descending with parachutes after jumping from plane

Skydive Vancouver – 48 Years of Skydiving Tradition in Vancouver

Skydive Vancouver offers first-time Tandem Skydiving. This is the safest, most enjoyable way to experience Skydiving. 

Our Accelerated Freefall Program offers courses for those who wish to learn to solo Skydive. All of our Tandem Skydives are done with experienced and qualified Tandem Instructors at our Abbotsford Skydive Centre located about 45 minutes drive East of Downtown Vancouver.

Our Aircraft includes a 15-passenger Turbine Quest Kodiak and two 10 place Turbine Pilatus Porters. ROO has been Skydive Vancouver’s signature aircraft with it’s unique camo and sharks teeth paint job. She is now joined by a bright yellow sister ship we have nicknamed The Canary.

Give us a call today and enquire about your first-time Tandem Jump!

Video Packages

Have all the action of your jump captured for all of your friends and family to see with our professional Tandem Video Packages. We offer high-quality photographs and two styles of video, a third-person cameraman or instructor filmed. Skydive Vancouver also offers an outstanding photography service.

Video Packages
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Birthday? Christmas? Valentines? We sell Gift Certificates for all special occasions.

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