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Are you ready to take your skydiving experience to the next level? Join our Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course and embark on an adrenaline-pumping adventure into the skies. This comprehensive course is designed to equip you with the skills and confidence needed to skydive solo.


3 tandem jumps

Prior to signing up for AFF, you must first complete 3 tandem jumps with us. During Level 2 and 3 tandem jumps, you will learn:

  • Proper Freefall Body Position
  • Altitude Awareness using an altimeter
  • Deployment of the parachute at the correct altitude
  • Safety checklist for landing
  • Locating the landing area
  • Steering and landing the parachute safely and accurately

Course outline

Ground school

We kickstart your skydiving journey with a 5-hour ground school session covering fundamental aspects such as:

  • Equipment Introduction
  • Aircraft Safety Procedures
  • Freefall Procedures
  • Altitude Awareness
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Canopy Control

Ground school includes theory and practical sessions, followed by your Level 1 AFF solo skydive with 2 Instructors. Each level has specific requirements for progression, with Levels 2-4 taking approximately half a day each. 

Learning how to freefall in a classroom setting

Aff level 1

In Level 1, you will experience freefall with 2 instructors guiding you through the jump. They act as your mentors, ensuring a safe and successful transition to solo status. You will learn how to:

  • Exit the aircraft with 2 instructors
  • Maintain a stable body position
  • Perform altimeter checks and practice pulls
  • Deploy your parachute at 5,500ft
  • Follow ground control for a precise landing
A tandem skydiving

Aff level 2

In Level 2 you will continue to learn how to initiate and stop turns in freefall with 2 instructors, guiding you through the jump. You will continue to practice everything from Level 1, and in addition learn how to:

  • Follow your instructor through 90° and 180° controlled turns

With continued emphasis on altitude awareness and maintaining stable body position for deployment at the proper altitude.

Three skydivers

Aff level 3

In Level 3, you will jump with one instructor on a release dive, marking your first solo freefall experience. You’ll learn how to:

  • Exit the aircraft with 1 instructor
  • Instructor releases for solo freefall
  • Execute 90° and 180° turns with instructor guidance
  • Maintain altitude awareness and deployment at the proper altitude
  • Practice steering for precise landing
Solo freefall with instructor

aff level 4

In level 4, you’ll learn how to:

  • Do a dive out exit
  • Perform a backflip
  • Forward movement toward your instructor in freefall
  • Maintain altitude awareness and deployment at the proper altitude
First diveout

Course Details

  • AFF Levels, Coach and Solo jumps available 7 days a week. 
  • Ground School Classes commence at 9am every second Tuesday.
  • Course price: $2,100.

Course Instructor

Jess harper chief instructor

With over 15,800 jumps, USPA AFF Instructor and Tandem Instructor Examiner, Jess leads a team of highly experienced freefall instructors to assist in your training and certification.

Jess Harper in skydiving gear and sunglasses

Get Ready to Spread Your Wings and Soar Into the Thrilling World of Skydiving With Our AFF Course!

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